Training on Mushroom Production

The university organizes training programmes on Mushroom Production Technology, regularly. Training programmes are being organized for the farmers as well as enterpreneurs. Interested persons from any corner of the country can participate. The training programmes cover following activities through practicals wherever required:

  • Production, Protection, Crop Management of Oyster, Button and Dudhia mushroom through practicals.
  • Compost production methods for Button mushroom through practicals (Long, Short and ZEPT).
  • Spawn production of Oyster, Button and Dudhia mushroom and their management aspects.
  • Harvesting, Packing, Processing and value addition of mushroom.
  • Preparation of different recipie of mushroom.
  • Marketing of mushroom and its products.
  • Design and establishment of mushroom farm.
  • exposure visit on the field of successful mushroom growers.
  • Enterpreneurial skill development.
Next Training Programme: 23-29 March 2017 Two separate batches for Mushroom Production & Spawn Production
आगामी प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम 23-29 मार्च 2017 मशरुम उत्पादन एवं स्पान उत्पादन के लिए दो अलग अलग समूहों में

Rates of Mushroom Products & Training

Registration Form for Mushroom Production Technology Training

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Further details can be obtained from:

Dr. Dayaram, Principal Investigator, Mushroom Project,

email:, Mob. 9430464088

Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences & Humanities,