Methods to Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Online

Methods to Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Online is illustrated here. In India, now everyone above the age of 18+ is eligible for corona virus vaccination. The second wave of Covid-19 has brutally hit the country. Therefore in such situation it is best to get the Covid vaccine done as soon as possible. If you have received the vaccine it is advisable get the proof of Covid Vaccination in the form of certificate.

Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Once your vaccination is complete it becomes mandatory to keep a proof of your vaccination. Because during the various examinations, authorities ask to show the Corona Vaccine Certificate. COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate is a documentary proof that you are being vaccinated. It is helpful in during travel and even your workplace might need the certificate due to safety purpose. The certificate carries a 13 digit beneficiary reference ID. The ID is an access to give all your details. Now every vaccinated person can download Corona Virus Cowin Vaccine Certificate with the help of information listed below.

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Various Methods to Download the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

There are multiple ways to obtain your digital vaccine certificate. You can use the Government’s CoWin website, Aarogya Setu App, Dig locker App and Umang app. The steps to download the certificate from these apps are given below. By following these steps anyone can download the certificate. As there are multiple users old and young who need the certificate might not be user friendly. These are simple and proper steps which will help you to down the certificate.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Download

Download from CoWIN website is a government authorized web portal showing information related to vaccination. CoWIN will give details about vaccine appointment registration and schedule. After both the doses you can follow these steps to download the COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

  • Open any browser and type and then click the link.
  • The home page will open and see the button Register/Sign in.
  • Click on the button and sign in using your registered mobile number and enter the OTP received in the SMS.
  • When completed with first or second dose, the screen will display the Certificate tab just below your name. To download the soft copy of the Covid Vaccine Certificate you need to click the button.

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Get the certificate using Aarogya Setu app

Aarogya Setu is a mobile app. The use of the app is to schedule vaccine appointment on your Android or iOS devices. It also helps you to download your vaccine certificate. To download the vaccine certificate from Aarogya Setu app you can follow these steps.

  • Download the Aarogya Setu mobile app on your Android or iOS device from the play store or Apple App store as per the model.
  • Go to CoWIN tab at the top and click on vaccine certificate.
  • Write your 13 digit beneficiary reference ID and then click on Get Certificate button.
  • Now download the Covid Vaccine certificate.

Download the certificate using Digilocker

Digilocker app is a digital platform to store your important documents on the cloud and you can access it anytime. It is another method to download the Covid vaccine certificate. This app is available on all kinds of mobiles.
Use the following steps to download the Covid-19 vaccine certificate through Digilocker:

  • Download the Digilocker app on your Android and iOS from Play Store or App Store according to the model.
  • Your personal details are registered on the app like name, address and adhaar number.
  • Scroll down, head over to the Health section, and click on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, select the Vaccine Certificate option
  • Add your 13-digit reference ID and download the vaccine certificate.

Covid-19 Vaccine certificate using Umang app

Umang app is another government platform that can be used to download vaccination certificate. The app works on both Android and iPhone and facilitates all government services under one platform. Use the following steps to download the certificate-

  • Download the Umang app on your Android and iOS from Play Store or App Store according to the model.
  • Open CoWIN from any browser.
  • Click on ‘What’s New section’.
  • Select ‘Download Vaccination Certificate’.
  • Register/ login using the registered mobile number and OTP.
  • Confirm beneficiary name in the tab and click on Download to get the vaccine certificate.

FAQs On the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Is it possible to download COVID-19 vaccine certificate without mobile number?

You cannot download COVID-19 vaccine certificate without a mobile number, mobile number is mandatory for registration. You will need a mobile number to log into the CoWIN website, Aarogya Setu app, Umang app, and Digilocker app.

Download Corona Vaccination Certificate PDF here

Is it possible to download COVID-19 vaccine certificate without beneficiary ID or reference number?

to download the COVID-19 vaccine certificate without beneficiary ID or reference number, you can use the Umang app or the CoWIN portal. The Digilocker app and Aarogya Setu app require a beneficiary ID or reference number to download the certificate.

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