Steps to Recover COVID-19 Mild Symptoms Patients at Home

Cure/ Recover COVID-19 Mild Symptoms Patients at Home Steps are easy with a set of some standard precautions & Tips which are described here. As We, All Know that Covid-19 is declared a global pandemic by the WHO. The patients with mild symptoms are treated at home and are kept in isolation because the tendency of the disease is very contagious. Arise of any complications in the body like high fever or if the patient feels breathlessness, then he or she should be immediately taken to hospital.

If you get mild symptoms of Covid-19 like dry cough, mild fever, then you can easily be treated at home. It is advisable not to rush to the hospital. In such cases, the medical experts are advising the patients to self-quarantine for 14 days. Once your period for self-isolation is over and there is no sign of fever, cough, and cold in that case you no longer remain contagious. You can start your daily activities, but wearing a mask.

घर पर COVID-19 हल्के लक्षणों वाले मरीजों को आसानी से ठीक किया जा सकता है। सम्बंधित सम्पूर्ण जानकारी यहाँ दी गयी है।

Recover COVID-19 Mild Symptoms Patients at Home Tips

  • During the isolation period, you should constrict yourself in a room or in your house. This is to prevent others from getting affected as the virus is highly contagious. In this period you can follow these measures for a speedy recovery.
  • During the period of isolation, you will have no visitors allowed to your place. From the first day of you being tested positive, you will make yourself isolated from the rest of the world for a period of 14 days
  • It is important to maintain a record of your body temperature and oxygen level daily.
  • You must keep a routine supply of proper food and drinking water.
  • You must ensure that you have enough stock of dry food items and ration at home.
  • It is very important to keep your environment and your house clean and take all the necessary measures to have hygienic precautions.
  • The use of sanitizer to clean hands must become a part of the daily activity of your life. Make it a habit to clean the top of the tables frequently wiped with proper cleaning solution.
  • Try to sanitize the doors and windows every alternate day
Recover COVID-19 Mild Symptoms Patients at Home

COVID-19 Mild Symptoms Patients Daily Routine, Diet

The first advice from the doctors is to take abundant rest. Even if you find that your body is not showing any symptoms of covid, the virus may still linger in the body. Therefore it is advisable to take a complete rest of at least one week. This will help in the quick healing of the body. If you resume your old lifestyle then your body might get ill as it is still weak. This occur due to the lower immunity.

Your regular diet should be very nutritious. Your diet plays an important role to ease the path of recovery. The intake of proper food during quarantine will help you to gain strength to heal the body. The diet should include calcium, a protein with lot of fruits and green vegetables. During this period keep your body hydrated. So drink a lot of water. Your daily diet should include protein as it helps to repair the body into the original form. Food should be such that it is easy to digest. Avoid oily and spicy foods.

Covid-19 Mild Symptoms Patient Home Isolation Activities

Exercise Daily

Exercises under an expert’s guidance could be beneficial in detoxifying the body. Any kind of yoga, meditation, and exercise is beneficial for the physical and mental health of the body. Blood and oxygen circulation will improve with daily workouts. Exercises are very helpful to shift your mood from negativity to positivity. Staying indoors for a prolonged period might increase anxiety and affect mental well-being. Therefore to overcome such challenges engage in some kind of exercise to lead a healthy life. 

Do Meditation

Keep Practice meditation to distress yourself on a daily routine. Meditation is the best medicine to relieve stress and keep you calm and happy in difficult times.

Try Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

Try to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, or any other addictive substances during the time of isolation. The attack of the virus on the body already makes the immunity system weak and this can be a risk factor of lung failure. Consumption of these toxic items might weaken your capacity to fight the virus. Hence if not completely, but should control the intake of such items.

The consequences of Covid remain to be long-term on your health. It can create damage to the respiratory system and other organs of the body. Post-Covid your body demands proper care which includes rest and a good diet to once again gain the original form of the body.  There are a lot of chances that COVID-19  Mild Symptoms can Easily Recover at Home.  For more information, you can have a look at the Ministry of Ayush Portal

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